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Lime Cashew Large

Lime Cashew Large

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Made with simple ingredients: cacao butter, homemade roasted cashew butter, Lakanto (monk fruit sweetener), a touch of yuzu, decorated with dried limes, coconuts, pistachios, raisins to create additional surprise. 

Unlike traditional white chocolate, we use only cacao butter - no heavy cream, coconut powder, rice powder or additives. 

Goes very well with English tea, Asian tea, coffee and wine.

Weight : 60g / 2oz


Keep refrigerated and consume at room temperature for the best experience.

Note: Our products take 2 business days to process, and the delivery timeline for UPS only calculates when the package arrives at their warehouse. Please aware that even if you select UPS 1 Day Air, total time of delivery will take at least 2 business days more.

***Shipping fees vary with weather conditions and may include ice packs for temperatures above 80°F.

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